My Approach

Education, Exploration, and Encouragement to Support Your Health and Well-Being

Life pulls us in many directions. I believe you can choose to change your life so you can live with greater balance and fulfillment. And it all starts with paying more attention to the food we feed ourselves and the lifestyle choices we make to nourish our sense of well-being, our relationships, careers, whether we exercise, our sleep patterns, and our spiritual awareness.

No one approach works for everyone. I do not focus on counting carbs, calories, fats, or proteins. I coach people on how to live more balanced and fulfilling lives.

Our work focuses on several areas of our lives that may affect whether we experience feelings of joy, good health, or fulfillment. I help you explore the quality of your “primary foods,” such as home cooking, social relationships, creativity, and your choice to exercise; and your “secondary foods,” such as whole, real, organic food choices. Understanding the relationship between these two types of “foods” helps you prioritize and create a more balanced life.

As your coach and guide, I listen to your concerns and together we develop a personalized program to help you achieve your goals. My role is to help you understand traditional and modern nutritional concepts, as well as decipher sometimes “confusing” nutritional information.

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