Why Drink Water in Winter?


We often associate ice, sleet, or snow with winter’s cold and water, but the reality is our body is composed of 66% water, and we need it to function at our best all year long—not just during summer’s hear. With Winter at our doorstep, remember these winter water “tips” to keep yourself healthier and hydrated this winter:

#1: Your mouth, nose, and respiratory tract need adequate water to stay moist.

WATER HELPS keep our respiratory system from drying out and our first line of self-defense intact.

#2: Your immune system needs water for lymph production.

WATER HELPS the lymph system send white blood cells and other immune fighting cells from the thymus and bone marrow throughout our body to fight infections.

#3: Water allows the cells in your body to absorb nutrients from your food and remove waste products of cellular metabolism.

WATER HELPS us perform our daily activities. Did you know that our joints depend on water, or that a 3% loss of water causes an 8% loss of muscle strength?

#4: Water helps our kidneys eliminate toxins from the body.

WATER HELPS our bodies cleanse the toxins we produce from exercise, foods, and environmental exposure. When toxins accumulate in our bodies, they weaken our immune systems.

#5: Water improves digestion and promotes healthy elimination.

WATER HELPS protect our stomach linings from gastric juices and prevents constipation.

BONUS TIP: Thirst is often mistaken as hunger!

What About Coffee, Tea, and Juices ?

Although these liquids appear to add fluid, they also . . .

  1. Disrupt blood sugar
  2. Provide empty calories
  3. Rob the body of nutrients

Three Reasons Why We Thirst for Water

  1. Dehydration (FYI: Alcohol causes fluid loss)
  2. Elevated blood sugar (“Sweet” drinks make you more thirsty in an attempt to dilute blood sugar)
  3. Essential fatty acid deficiency (The body needs the right fats to maintain proper water balance)

Learn more at  www.fitday.com/nutrition/healthy eating/ 12/27/12 or by reading The New Optimum Nutrition Bible by P.Holford, Crossing Press, 2004.

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